HO Scale Trains - Train Layout Ideas


HO scale trains aren’t just for children. As a matter of fact, they really aren’t made for children at all. They’re meant for teenagers and adults alike who are fascinated with the power of trains and love seeing them rolling down the tracks. When you have an HO train set in your home, you don’t have to wait to see one moving goods across the country; you can enjoy the experience any time you like. Here are a few ideas for incorporating these fun, charming delightful models into your home. Your children will enjoy watching them, and you will love building them.

Basement Fillers

Many people think of basement fillers when they imagine HO train tables. These immense designs use large train tables and may include intricate connecting areas. Entire villages can be recreated, along with the American countryside these trains roll through in real life. One of the great features of basement fillers is that you can grow the collection slowly and spread out the expense.

Around the Ceiling

You don’t have to dedicate an entire room to your HO train. You can easily and affordably add a train to any room by running it around the ceiling. There are two options available to you. One is to build a shelf that will run above the door ways and allow the train to travel along the perimeter of the room. The other is to build a suspended shelf that will follow any layout you decide on. Because they are more limited in scope and size, these set-ups tend to be more affordable. They are also great for families with very young children, because the trains are safely out of reach.

Wall Shelves

If you really want the train where you can see it and enjoy the detail, but you still won’t want large table, then a wall shelf may be the better choice. The shelf can be mounted at any height, and it should be about eighteen inches deep. You can use turn stations to allow the HO scale trains to turn around when they reach a doorway, or you can get really creative. Removable shelves can be placed at doors, allowing you to enter the room, enclose yourself inside the track and enjoy the train. An excellent option for home offices, it’s also a good choice for older kids who love these trains.

The Coffee Table

Another option is to bring the train table into your living room in a functional manner. A coffee table can be constructed that will house the train layout beneath protective glass. Drinks and items can be safely put on the glass, but the train is ready for enjoyment when you are.

The spaces that train layouts can be fit into will truly surprise you. The top of a deep bookshelf can become the perfect display spot, or any other flat surface that is not used on a regular basis. You can build shelves especially for the trains or transform a bay window into an HO wonderland. HO scale trains can be placed in the basement for an ongoing project the entire family will enjoy, or they can be elegantly displayed on raised shelves. Whether you dedicate an entire room or just one small corner to the project, you are sure to love working on your train layout.

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